Step Aside Super Woman: Career & family is for any woman

By Christine Brown-Quinn

This book is a swift, easy, and engaging read for any woman who is currently managing a family and a career, and any woman who is considering doing so. As an industry “go-to” person for women solopreneurs and women who work from home who feel overwhelmed in the workplace and want to achieve greater work/life balance, I am always looking for sources of inspiration and practical advice that will help my niche with this problem. Step Aside Super Woman is one that I will definitely recommend.

While the book focuses on women who work outside the home, all the information within it can be applied to women working from home. Beginning with the shrewd observation that balance does not mean that “everything is always operating at equilibrium and the scales are perfectly in line at every moment,” author Christine Brown-Quinn goes on to discuss how everyone benefits when a woman chooses career and family, how important it is to know yourself and your values to be able to successfully negotiate this life choice, and how it is crucial to develop and maintain the important relationships in your life (spouse, kids, business partners and team members . . .) to keep things balanced and moving forward. For my specific purposes, there is a chapter called “Organized Chaos” that highlights three major features of time management: planning, prioritization, and delegation.

Most importantly, readers will find this book useful because they will be able to see themselves in it. Brown-Quinn has done a masterful job of providing numerous personal anecdotes describing how she handles the various challenges that inevitably arise when women choose to work and have a family. We all learn best by example!

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Christine Brown-Quinn

Christine Brown-Quinn, The Female Capitalist™

Inspired by 20+ years of balancing a high-powered career in international finance with an active family life, Christine founded The Female Capitalist™ in 2010. Through her consultancy practice Christine is committed to helping professional women achieve career-family success, as well as helping organizations reap the full benefits of female capital. Her book – Step Aside Super Woman… Career & Family is for Any Woman colorfully reveals how to strike the right balance between career goals and family aspirations, using a common set of values, strategies and skill sets.

Christine has an undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages from Georgetown University (Cum Laude) and an MBA in International Business from George Washington University (Beta Gamma Sigma scholar). She is also a tutor for Georgetown’s Graduate Program in International Management at Oxford University, as well as a speaker and workshop facilitator for businesses, universities and professional networks.

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