Welcome to Careers Club 3.0

We are pleased to announce and welcome you to Careers Club 3.0!

We have built the new Careers Club from the ground up with features you were looking for and versatility that we wanted to give you. Below are some of the new features and functions available in CC3.0

Key highlights
  • A whole new e-Learning platform
    • Offering 5 minute courses, leadership and management skills, we wanted to meet the needs of our members in terms of time, commitment to learn and flexibility in the platform.  Why not try a course now?
  • Club Groups
    • Want to form your own group and open up to the wider community of club members?  We have created a new groups session where you can join an open group to discuss and collaborate on a specific topic or create your own private group to work with some other members. Try it now.
  • New style and flexibility
    • We have a new look and feel to the platform in order to provide you a better way of leveraging the best out of Careers Club.

These are just a few of the new items on CC3.0 and we hope you like them. There are more features to come in the next few weeks!

Feel free to contact us directly if there is something you want to see, share or be involved in.


The Careers Club Team

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