Terms and Conditions

WeAreTheCity Careers Club is the intellectual property of WE ARE THE CITY Ltd and no content can be re-published or shared without prior written consent.

  1. Membership of Careers Club is not transferable
  2. Careers Club access is by application only
  3. We cannot guarantee the amount of discounts or free tickets issued over an annual period
  4. WeAreTheCity reserve the right to move the dates of the webinars with 14 days notice. Exceptional circumstances not withstanding.
  5. Should you wish to leave the programme, refunds will not be provided for the first quarter period.
  6. A joining fee (£55) for each member is included in the first year of subscription and is not refundable.
  7. WeAreTheCIty reserves the right to terminate membership, without refund, at any time should a member break any of our terms and conditions or code of conduct rules.
  8. WeAreTheCIty assume that all members read and agree to the following code of conduct.